Videos for Interest

Example 1

I have never been to one of MIT professor Walter Lewin’s classes, but based on some of the videos I’ve seen of him, he appears to be very good at creating situational interest in his classroom. Check out this video of him:

Example 2a and 2b

Watch the first 2 min 30 sec of the two videos below. Both instructors below appear to be good instructors. Not considering the content material itself (for this exercise), is one more engaging than the other? Why or why not?

Example 3

I couldn’t resist using the video below because this instructor appears to know his content well, but just hasn’t thought through well enough how to interest students in this content.

Example 4

Is there any way that this instructor could make his instruction more interesting?

Example 5

Humor can be a great way to infuse situational interest as long as the humor relates to the learning objectives or is short enough not to distract or take away too much time from the learning objectives. The humor in the video below appears to be short, yet effective and appropriate.

Example 6

Storytelling can be an effective way to interest students. Is this professor successful in interesting you by teaching through storytelling?