A description of the MUSIC® model was first published in an article by Brett Jones in 2009. This article is also available in Portuguese at the link below (Como motivar o envolvimento dos alunos na aprendizagem: Modelo de Motivacao Academica – MUSIC).

To find teaching strategies directly linked to each of the five MUSIC components, you can look in my in my 2009 article or in my 2018 book, Motivating Students by Design: Practical Strategies for Professors (part of this book is available as a PDF in the link below).

Comments about the MUSIC model

The following statement is from a book commissioned by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities:

“While academic motivation theories and practices abound, we believe the MUSIC model is especially useful…It is not only inclusive, evidence-based and research-validated, it is also versatile and applied─which makes it relatively straightforward, and therefore, easier to implement, either on campus or online.” (Aldridge & Harvatt, 2014, p. 54, Wired for success: Real-world solutions for transforming higher education, Washington, DC: American Association of State Colleges and Universities)