Dr. Brett Jones provides consulting services to clients on topics related to motivating others and designing instruction to motivate and engage students.* Workshops: He provides MUSIC® model workshops to groups that often include teachers, professors, and/or administrators. The length of the workshops can be customized to meet the needs of the client. A typical workshop length is about 3 hours, but this can vary from one hour, to a half day, to a whole day, or even to multiple days. Workshops usually include a hands-on component where participants are actively engaged in designing or re-designing course activities.* Presentations: He presents at conferences and to various groups about the MUSICSM Model of Motivation. Presentations generally last between 45 and 90 minutes. Presentations typically do not include a hands-on component for participants, but rather, involve a presentation that may include audience questions and/or discussion.

* Online Instruction: Dr. Jones provides online instruction, including webinars and videos.

* Individual Consultations: Dr. Jones is available to meet with individuals to discuss issues related motivation and the MUSIC® Model of Motivation.

Here is a link to the types of workshops he has conducted, Learning Matters: Applying Research-Based Strategies to Motivate Students. A more complete list of his experiences can be found in the CV available at the link at the bottom of the Dr. Jones' bio web page.

For a list of fees and to engage in the services of Brett Jones, please contact him at


Reviews from his presentation at the Cognitive Remediation in Psychiatry Conference in June 2015 included the following comments.

* From conference organizers: "The sentiment overall was that your presentation style and your work is 'exceptional.'” (Conference organizers Dr. Alice Saperstein and Dr. Alice Medalia, who are professors at Columbia University)

* From participants: "The most relevant part of the conference for me was the focus on motivation...using the MUSIC model of motivation looks to be especially helpful." and “I found the content of Dr. Jones presentation to be the most potentially helpful to my work.”

Reviews from his workshop at Appalachian State University in August 2014 included the following comments.

* "Wonderful, inspiring 3 hours. I’d welcome a follow-up workshop!!!" and "Great job teaching/showing your strategies by using them within the workshop itself!" and "Afternoon well spent."