Welcome to the website for The MUSICSM Model of Motivation. The MUSIC model was developed by Dr. Brett D. Jones (2009) as a research-based motivation model to help instructors motivate learners. Over many decades, researchers around the world had identified many
principles and theories of motivation. However, what was lacking was an updated model of motivation designed for instructors that could be tied to concrete strategies and measurable outcomes. The MUSIC model has met this challenge by combining the most important research ideas into a multidimensional model that is understandable to teachers, professors, and instructional designers.

MUSIC is an acronym that can be used to remember that students are more motivated when they perceive that:
    1. they are eMpowered (they have control, can make choices, and/or can make decisions),
    2. the content is Useful for their short- or long-term goals,
    3. they can be Successful (they expect to succeed),
    4. they are Interested (they pay attention and are emotionally excited or enjoy it), and
    5. they feel Cared for by others in the learning environment.